At SNP, we don’t just share your mes­sage, we share your unique cre­ative vision. Our motion graph­ics cap­ture view­ers’ atten­tion and con­vey your company’s mis­sion through an inno­v­a­tive and flex­i­ble medi­um. Motion graph­ics can be adapt­ed for use in any­thing from videos, to web land­ing pages, con­fer­ence dis­plays and even keynote pre­sen­ta­tions.

SNP’s holis­tic cre­ative approach takes care of the entire process, from devel­op­ing the ini­tial cre­ative con­cept and sto­ry­board to design­ing graph­ics and tim­ing them to voice-over.


From strat­e­gy to tim­ing, our atten­tive team has you cov­ered down to the small­est detail.

Motion Graphics


We take a jour­nal­is­tic approach to con­tent work and begin by con­duct­ing thor­ough inter­views of all your experts. This allows us to gain a com­pre­hen­sive under­stand­ing of your con­tent, ensur­ing that the sto­ry is accu­rate, engag­ing, and true to your core mes­sag­ing.


We lay out a series of cre­ative con­cepts for your review and choos­ing. From there, we sto­ry­board the best con­cept and pro­duce the graph­i­cal ele­ments. We pre­pare audio tracks, includ­ing voiceovers and music sound­tracks. Our illus­tra­tors ani­mate the piece and sync each ele­ment for flaw­less tim­ing.


We ren­der and encode videos for web broad­cast, so you can post them to YouTube, Vimeo, your company’s chan­nel, an inter­nal serv­er, or social media pro­files.



Gigstarter Case Study


In 2015 we were approached by a new, Dublin-based start­up, Gigstarter. They want­ed to cre­ate a pitch video to define their busi­ness, mes­sage, and val­ues. We decid­ed to use motion graph­ics because it gave us the most flex­i­bil­i­ty in telling their sto­ry. From there, we con­duct­ed thor­ough inter­views, and helped Gigstarter under­stand and lay out their key tenets. Once we had a clear, agreed-upon goal, we began cre­at­ing the video, doing every­thing from script­ing, to voice-over, to pro­duc­tion in-house.

The result was a mes­sage that could scale and a video that could trans­form Gigstarter’s busi­ness and grow their audi­ences. With its high pro­duc­tion val­ue the video was a com­pet­i­tive asset in the enter­tain­ment indus­try and it even went on to win a 2015 Gold Her­mes Award.

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