Your imagination –
Digitally illustrated.

Turn Your Content Into a Dynamic, Illustrated Story.

At SNP, we don’t just share your message, we share your unique creative vision. Our motion graphics capture viewers’ attention and convey your company’s mission through an innovative and flexible medium. Motion graphics can be adapted for use in anything from videos, to web landing pages, conference displays and even keynote presentations.

SNP’s holistic creative approach takes care of the entire process, from developing the initial creative concept and storyboard to designing graphics and timing them to voice-over.


From strategy to timing, our attentive team has you covered down to the smallest detail.

Motion Graphics


We take a journalistic approach to content work and begin by conducting thorough interviews of all your experts. This allows us to gain a comprehensive understanding of your content, ensuring that the story is accurate, engaging, and true to your core messaging.


We lay out a series of creative concepts for your review and choosing. From there, we storyboard the best concept and produce the graphical elements. We prepare audio tracks, including voiceovers and music soundtracks. Our illustrators animate the piece and sync each element for flawless timing.


We render and encode videos for web broadcast, so you can post them to YouTube, Vimeo, your company’s channel, an internal server, or social media profiles.

Case Study.

Gigstarter Case Study


In 2015 we were approached by a new, Dublin-based startup, Gigstarter. They wanted to create a pitch video to define their business, message, and values. We decided to use motion graphics because it gave us the most flexibility in telling their story. From there, we conducted thorough interviews, and helped Gigstarter understand and lay out their key tenets. Once we had a clear, agreed-upon goal, we began creating the video, doing everything from scripting, to voice-over, to production in-house.

The result was a message that could scale and a video that could transform Gigstarter’s business and grow their audiences. With its high production value the video was a competitive asset in the entertainment industry and it even went on to win a 2015 Gold Hermes Award.

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