Clear presentations,
dazzling content.

Engage Your Audiences.

At SNP, we believe that all presentations should be created from the audience’s perspective and all graphics should be tailored to draw audiences in. Hours of attention go into even the smallest details of our graphics and presentations, and our beautiful final products are a testament to the value of this attentiveness. See what a difference SNP’s creative team can make and let us design your next keynote presentation, slide deck, web graphic, logo, and more.


We start by walking through the presentation with you, identifying your audience, what they need to know, and your objective.

Presentation Design


Then, we put the presentation into production. Whether or not you have existing visuals, we create a wireframe of the design and basic graphics. The wireframe blueprint evolves visually, incorporating your existing information, your direction for the project and our creative vision.


Now comes the fun part. We create visual stories, using design elements ranging from vectors to photos to motion graphics—for platforms from Powerpoint to Keynote to Prezi.

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